Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

Choose Based on Mom's
Personality & Style

Don't get crazy and buy car mats for Mother's Day. This is not the time for practical gifts. Mom wants something fun. 

Jewelry is fun and useful. Sizing is a breeze and one can never have too many accessories. Plus, mom will appreciate Bold Standard's one-of-a-kind designs and premium quality.

And with such a broad spectrum of style — with looks ranging from elegant to edgy — Bold Standard is sure to have something mom will love.

So is your mom the Wise Whisperer or Minimalist Maven?

Wise Whisperer

Does your mom subscribe to the the philosophy of letting go? Of ditching one's baggage for a no stress, no drama lifestyle? Then these sparkling dangles etched with the Chinese phrase, "Let (it) flow into water" will speak to her inner and outer self. A meaningful gift and charming addition to her jewelry box. 



Brainy Beaut

Big-brained mommas will appreciate the clever structural design of our Suspension Earrings, inspired by physics and architecture. Plus, the techy transparent material is an easy match for any outfit.




Minimalist Maven

For the busy mom who wants style without the fuss, our Eyelet Lariat Necklace is a versatile option that provides instant chic. Whip it over a t-shirt dress or tunic and jeans for a look that is somehow understated and striking at the same time.




Thoughtful Patriot

Our American Truth Earrings celebrate the wise words of our forefathers. They're perfect for the justice-hungry activist who believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.




Elegant Charmer

If your mother embraces a youthful but sophisticated feel, our pastels color palette will offer her a cheerful spring memento. Upscale with a feminine sensibility, this collection feels both classic and on-trend.



Bohemian Soul

If your mom's a down-to-earth gal who digs design with an international flair, our Global Influence Collection will touch her bohemian soul. With options big and small you can choose how bold of a statement to make.




Classy Lassie

Give traditional elegance for the woman of grace. Our Champagne Glass Collection has classic feminine style with a dash of modernity.




Avant-garde Goddess

For the modern art lover and daredevil diva, our Barrel Wave statement earrings scream MOMA red carpet.



Fetching Feminist

Etched with the names of history’s most influential women, these bold earrings are a perfect match for the empowered fem-i-mom. 

With the entire store 25% off, it's time to get shopping!

FYI: The average shipment takes 1 to 3 days to arrive (checkout will offer more detail). And don't forget to allow 1-2 business days for processing!


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