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Black 'Barrel Wave' Earrings

Black 'Barrel Wave' Earrings

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A black ribbon gracefully curls into a wave-like loop for sculptural statement earrings. With modern minimalism, these earrings elevate any outfit with sophistication and a dash of boldness.

• Black acrylic and stainless steel posts

• Height approx. 3"

• Each earring weighs only 0.4 oz

 Thermoformed by hand

• Handcrafted in North Carolina 


"One of our most popular styles, the Barrel Wave earrings will invariably get you compliments. I always feel good wearing them. The design is both simple and striking. The ultra-modern look is fun to pair with unexpected outfits, coming in handy when you need a bit of edge.

The icing on the cake is the texture. One side is glossy, the other is matte. That contrast, revealed by the elegant loop, heightens the beauty.

The earrings are so lightweight you actually forget you're wearing them. Plus, they come standard with wide 'flat pad' earring backs which make them more secure and comfortable." 

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