About the Artist

Bold Standard is the design child of North Carolina based artist, Kathleen Grebe, who after 15 years in advertising began dabbling in jewelry as a way to practice ‘design without compromise’.

Following a stint as artist-in-residence at Savannah College of Art and Design, Kathleen purchased her own laser cutter and taught herself how to cut and etch materials like acrylic, wood and fabric.

With a background in graphic design, K.G.’s pieces tend to be graphic in nature. She uses strong geometric shapes — and in some cases — typography to add texture and meaning. 

A compulsive experimenter, Kathleen pushes her materials to the limit. Whether she uses double-sided etching to create depth or invents a technique to laser cut narrow ribbon, her goal is always to create the unexpected and be a true innovator along the way.

Kathleen continues to freelance as an art director and graphic designer. Learn more about her days at Adidas and Publicis at www.kathleengrebe.com