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Rose Mirror 'Black Girl Magic' Petal Hoop Earrings

Rose Mirror 'Black Girl Magic' Petal Hoop Earrings

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Etched with the names of remarkable women, these earrings celebrate history's fearless females. The 'Black Girl Magic' edition celebrates women of color who have triumphed in everything from civil rights to sports.

These earrings are so lightweight you can wear them all day without giving them another thought. And the mirrored acrylic creates a subtle sparkle.

• Mirrored acrylic and brass wire hoops

• Height approx. 2"

• Handcrafted in North Carolina


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List of names:

Alice • Althea • Aretha • Augusta • Barbara • Bessie • Billie • Ella • Grace • Katherine • Harriet • Ida • Josephine • Madam • Mae • Mary • Maya • Rosa • (Sister) Rosetta • Shirley • Sojourner • Toni • Wangari

Profits from this purchase go to Black Girl Ventures, a nonprofit that supports Black female entrepreneurs.

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