My Jewelry Collection from the 80's

My Jewelry Collection from the 80's

In my last blog post, I forgave my 6th grade teachers for giving me a fashion award when I wanted academic accolades. Now let’s take a look at my childhood jewelry and see if I deserved that style recognition to begin with.


The 80's

As an early 80's child, I idolized Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Apparently, my brothers used to just say Cyndi Lauper's name and I'd pop up asking, "Where!? Where!?"


I pranced around the house singing Like A Virgin and yearned to emulate the punk-inspired look from Desperately Seeking Susan.




While I wished for a five-inch stack of black jelly bracelets, the closest I got to the eclectic club kid look was a kid-sized pair of black lace gloves (which were amazing) and these lavender taffeta treasures (below).

Which brings us to my 80's jewelry collection...

My first pair of dangle earrings

I still think they're as cute as can be. So perfectly 80's.


And my second pair of dangles...I still kinda dig these too.



Glad the 80's neon craze was represented.



My dad bought me these in second grade. They came as a set with bolo-style chain that you could actually pull up and down like a zipper. He told me it was gold (plated) which I thought was so fancy. I wore these again as an adult and saw the zipper earrings make a comeback.



Kinda funny how clay has its own little niche in jewelry today.



Ah, yes, the 80's plastic charm necklace — Pandora's got nuthin' in these. Man, they were all the rage — with boys and girls. I was a proud owner of the Chiclets gum pack, abacus, roulette wheel, bike, harmonica, french fries and Sunkist OJ carton (to name a few). The toilet bowl with lifting lid was a memorable one too.



This is the last remnant I own from that intense 80's fad. He's lookin' pretty beat. I always thought he was a penguin, but now I'm thinking he's With one ear missing and a lost silver bell, he's on his last leg. But at least he's got both of those. 



The 80's were all about shell jewelry...


...and beadwork...


...and political pins! A feminist from the beginning, y'all. 

What are your best jewelry-related childhood memories? Do you have any fond memories of 80's fashion? Comment below if so!

Stay tuned for a post about my jewelry from the hot 90's.

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