About the Artist

"She who makes a bold fashion statement possesses even deeper courage within."

– KATHLEEN GREBE, Bold Standard creator and designer



 Good things were in sight when K.G. started to get the itch.

Up to this point her career had offered an array of fun opportunities

As an art director for Adidas, she designed logos for NBA stars and art directed photoshoots with athletes such as Derrick Rose. She art directed a tv commercial with sports celeb Russel Wilson and directed high-level branding for T-Mobile and Nike.

After 15 years of bringing other people’s visions to life, she wondered what it would be like to realize her own. To feel the thrill of design without compromise, K.G. started making jewelry.

The creative control more than suited her, it filled a void. And her grip on the corporate ladder loosened. Soon after, an artist residency at Savannah College of Art & Design catapulted her into the world of contemporary jewelry design.


A forever fan of big fashion statements, K.G. channeled the fearless fashionista and set out to create a new kind of bold.

She built her own laser cutting lab and started transforming flat sheets of material into striking sculptural jewelry. 

And by means of elastic design talent and an innovative spirit, Bold Standard was born.


A compulsive experimenter, K.G. uses a wide range of techniques to compliment her strong silhouettes, rhythmic repetition and high contrast.

She uses serial planes to create parametric designs that resemble contemporary art and architecture.

Her graphic design background inspired her “undercover typography” technique which hides 3-dimensional words within unique textures.

And she developed a hand-torched method that mimics bubbles of water and the froth of ocean waves.

Pushing the envelope with materials and design, K.G. continues to reinterpret the meaning of bold.

She hopes wearing Bold Standard emboldens women, giving them extra spark to drive their ambition and tap into that deeper courage within.