About the Artist

– KATHLEEN GREBE   Bold Standard Owner & Designer



Kathleen went from designing logos for NBA stars to handcrafting jewelry for the fashion-forward



After fifteen years of directing design for brands like Nike, Adidas and T-Mobile, K.G. put her advertising career on hold in search of a more artistic path—one that offered creativity without compromise.


Kathleen's first jewelry studio, a closet.

Her jewelry hobby led to an artist residency at Savannah College of Art & Design, catapulting her into the world of contemporary jewelry. 





A forever fan of big fashion statements, K.G. channeled the fearless fashionista, and set out to create a new kind of bold.

She built her own laser cutting lab and started transforming flat sheets of material into striking sculptural jewelry.

With the internet as her guide, she taught herself the art of laser cutting and Bold Standard was born. 

A compulsive experimenter, K.G. uses a wide range of techniques to compliment her strong silhouettes.

The ArchiTexture Collection

Her parametric designs are engineered *without* the help of 3-d modeling software and are constructed using ‘serial planes’, a technique borrowed from architecture.

The ArchiText Collection

Inspired by her graphic design background, the ArchiText Collection disguises words within 3-dimensional textures, turning powerful words into meaningful fashion statements.


Heat plays an important role in K.G's work—and not just from laser beams. With heat, she bends her material into small sculptures or conjures up air bubbles which, once cooled, resemble water frozen in time.




Favoring extreme contrast—both in color and texture—K.G. pairs thick lines of bone and black to create visual vibration and combines tactile materials (like wood, fabric and fur) for a medley of textures.


As an artist, K.G. continues to reinterpret the meaning of bold. Her goal is to bring wearers fearlessness in style and thought.


— • — 


Kathleen Grebe lives outside of Raleigh (NC). She has also called Seattle (WA), Portland (OR) and Asheville (NC) her home. She has a lifelong obsession with cheetahs and has traveled to places like Japan, Croatia, Argentina, Czech Republic, St. Lucia, Spain and Ireland.