Bizarre clothing from China will make your day better

Bizarre clothing from China will make your day better


I've been collecting what I call "lost in translation" clothing since the early aughts. 'LiT' clothing — often printed t-shirts with befuddling slogans — is (roughly speaking) when foreign fashion brands draw upon American pop culture for design inspiration but make a total mess of it. Sometimes it's like they even didn't even try. The result is often hilarious, bizarre — occasionally offensive — and every once in a while brilliant. Here's a sampling of LiT clothing I've seen online recently. I get immense amount of enjoyment out of these little gems. Hope you do too.

The WTF Collection

Ugh, has anyone seen my drunk pants?!
Yue Bu Yue, girl.
What you are seeing is a Hooters shirt — remixed.
Your guess is as good as mine...
Why? Who cares, I want it.
I like shirt with sport name on it.


Made for the giant pool of professionals who save lives on a daily basis.


Copycat Collection

These t-shirts appear to have been ripped off from elsewhere and
probably represent some kind of internet phenom I'm not
familiar with, but are nonetheless entertaining.
I hope this is social commentary on the whiteness of Friends.
Why is this so funny?
The inner circle of the alien hippie elite is totally impenetrable.
Russian fashion designer, Tigran Avetisyan, the prankster
who made an ad for a perfume that didn't exist, seems to be
the one getting punked here — they stole his design.

The Post-Post-Post Modern Meta Collection

My absolute fave sub-genre.


Ironic accident of brilliant commentary?
No, this piece of clothing is not customizable. 
'Name' is not a placeholder.
It just...IS...


Top here sport...Top sport here? Is this supposed to say 'Volleyball'?


Irony created with bland typography and uninspired clothing basics.


This one pretty much sums it all up. And I love it.
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