I’m very excited to announce the new Black Women of History Collection! Engraved with the names of fearless females, this collection celebrates the powerful souls who, with grit and grace, made our world a better place.


In 2020, customers started dropping hints that they’d like a Black counterpart to our Women of History Collection. I wrestled with the idea of a white person designing/selling such a thing, but in the end, the answer was simple…


Black Women deserved to be recognized. And celebrated.

 (Plus, I like to give my customers what they want.)


Racial equality is an issue close to my heart. And even closer to the hearts of my Black customers. So in their honor, the profits of these sales will be donated to Black Girl Ventures, a non-profit that supports Black female entrepreneurs.


This collection, which includes jewelry and commemorative plaques, serves as daily inspiration and motivation, a way to give thanks and recognize the women who fought for civil rights, ignored gender roles, and endowed us with their exceptional talents.


Those who said ‘no’ or didn’t take no for an answer.


Mary Church Terrell, an activist for racial equality and women’s suffrage, said in 1940:


"A white woman has only one handicap to overcome—a great one, true, her sex; a colored woman faces two—her sex and her race."


Black women have risen to this challenge time and time again. As leadership coach Ashley Morgan, puts it: 


“You see, Black women have been the backbone of this country. We have already taken off our earrings and been in the fight. Protecting our own and advocating on the frontlines for justice. We have been trailblazers fighting against oppressive systems, inequities and inequalities of every form. We have been unsung heroes for our families and leaders within organizations. We have always made extraordinary contributions to this union and the society in which we live.”



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