Krypto Nights (Part 2): A Web of Inspiration

Krypto Nights (Part 2): A Web of Inspiration

The Kypto Nights Lookbook takes you to a parallel universe where vintage tradition hauntingly blends with modern fashion. To feature the compelling glow of our kryptonite-colored jewelry, I looked to Vaseline glass — Depression-era glassware containing small amounts of uranium which output an eerie citron glow when viewed with a blacklight.

Placing our ultra modern product in the context of a bygone era created an intriguing contrast. 

I decided to take the spookiness to the next level, taking cues from daguerreotypes and tintypes — known for their vacant stares, ghostly figures and post-mortem images.

I borrowed not only from the expressions, poses and textures of these vintage photographs, but took a few fashion cues too.

A bizarre vision of glowing jewelry amongst the opulence of the Victorian age and the grittiness of the Depression started to emerge. The play between the conservative Victorian age and a time warped alternate reality with no rules reminded of my 'Kat Scratch' patterns where I transform the ornate swirls of damask wallpaper into the psychedelic patterns of a Laura Ashley fever dream. 

Recalling cactus spines and rose thorns, these opulent textures, complete with a rock n' roll makeover, seemed to take the viewer one step further into this alien world.


The Kat Scratch patterns led me to tattooed ladies. Tattoos paired with buttoned-up dresses and pearls — another striking contrast. Below: Nora Hildebrandt (left), Maud Wagner (middle),  Olive Oatman (right).


For the product shots, I  took inspiration from my vintage photo albums and even tried a Frankenstein interpretation, with the krypto earrings being jolted to life by the makeshift equipment of a mad scientist.


It was a joy to let Halloween, our most imaginative holiday, inspire this strange beauty. It was an indulgent moment, one of creativity without restraint. And in the end, it created a vision like nothing I'd seen before. 

Check out the Krypto Nights Lookbook in its entirety here.

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