The Recycled Aluminum Jewelry Workshop has a new date at the North Carolina Museum of Art!



Sat June 18, 2022

4:30 - 6:30pm

NCMA West Building, Raleigh

PRICE: $50 + tax

> BUY TICKETS at NCMA website <


Top Five Reasons to Attend the Class


#1 You can make a day of it. 

Included in the price is admission to the current exhibit,
Fault Lines: Art and the Environment!

#2 You get to be at the museum after hours.
Mingling with the masterpieces while it's dark outside is such a cool feeling!
#3 There's wine.
A glass of red (or white!) really accentuates the mood.
-#4 The snacks.
"Appetizers" is more appropriate cause these nibbles are incredibly delicious.
Museum catering knows what's up.
- #5 The company is top notch.
I'm always blown away by the creativity (and just plain niceness) of the group. 
And none of that includes details about the class itself!!! which can be found 
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