Sea Shards 2021 ~ N.C.'s Unique Beauty

Sea Shards 2021 ~ N.C.'s Unique Beauty

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Sharing the Sea Shard Collection with fellow Carolinians has been a highlight of spring. I’m touched by how many people “get it”… how many people embrace the unusual beauty of this marine life and appreciate the edgier aesthetic of my designs.



Nature does the heavy lifting when it comes to the beauty of these pieces, but a lot goes into these designs. I’m still surprised how long they take to make (not including the beach combing)! Grouping shells together and matching colors is way trickier than I expected — nature has no problem producing a million shades of one hue.








I must rearrange these shards a million times before I’m happy with the combination.



N.C. beaches aren’t peppered with hundreds of the same shell like other beaches I’ve been to. Perhaps this points to the uniqueness of the N.C. ecosystem. I must say, I never thought about how other places in the world don’t have our same shells. It’s sparked a lot of pride in me, knowing my home state possess such uncommon beauty.




And while North Carolina isn’t known for shells the way Florida is, I’ve grown to find our sea shards just as alluring. I’m even drawn to the gnarly ones with holes perforated by parasites and tunnels made by sea worms.




The Sea Shards Collection is currently only for sale at at shows/markets and through direct contact. Feel free to email me and I will send pics of my current inventory.

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