Sea Shards Collection

Sea Shards Collection

Crushed seashells are elevated from beachcomber rejects to wearable art in our new collection, Sea Shards, which transforms the ordinary and overlooked into something intriguingly modern.


Recalling the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, this collection finds beauty in imperfection with an understated elegance derived from the rough, modest and even incomplete.


Strong geometric shapes, dynamic lines and jagged edges are paired with more complex patterns, like high-contrast striations, ‘sea polka-dots,’ and undulating ribs—showcasing nature’s beauty with a touch of the avant-garde. While bold, this graphic approach is ultimately softened with natural hues like eggshell and slate—as well as the emphasis of fabric over metal.


By using shell fragments, instead of perfect specimens, the focus shifts from flawless silhouettes to intricate details. Similar to macro photography, the viewer ‘zooms in’ for a more abstract view, revealing painterly swirls of color and compelling textures.




Broken by the waves, smoothed by the sea, perforated by parasites, these shells no longer house a small sea creature. But their broken beauty captures the passing of time and offers a glimpse into the world underwater.



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If you are interested in purchasing a piece from this collection, or would like to see pics of our current inventory, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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