Shapes of Matisse

Shapes of Matisse

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In his final years, Matisse could no longer hold a paint brush or stand at an easel. So he picked up a new tool, the humble scissors.


Paint, Paper, Scissors

Confined to a wheelchair, Matisse started cutting shapes from painted paper. These cutouts were then arranged to create abstract collages. The resulting gouaches découpées represent some of Matisse's most vibrant and expressive works.


As as a child, I stared at one of Matisse’s cut-outs often. A framed lithograph of "L'Escargot" (The Snail) hung in our home. My pea brain was attracted to the simplicity and bright colors, but ultimately I was unsure about the octopus monster wearing heeled boots.



Nowadays, I have a special affinity for Matisse’s cut-out shapes. I’m drawn to the uniqueness of these flamboyant forms and they became the inspiration for Bold Standard's new spring line. Designed for NCMA’s Art in Bloom exhibit, this collection is a playful celebration of nature.


The Flower is made of an ivory bloom that wraps around the earlobe and dangling green foliage that moves freely—an unexpected twist on floral design.


The Climber earrings can be worn two ways—climbing up the ear or dangled.




The Petals earrings come in four colorways and two different sizes (shown here in size small).



The Trio earrings are my favorite, this little bundle of shapes remind me of creatures from the sea.






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