Spring 2021 ~ BACK TO NATURE (like everyone else)

Spring 2021 ~ BACK TO NATURE (like everyone else)

‘Nature-inspired’ is trending like crazy, so I’m definitely not the only one feelin’ it. But I’m not getting excited about delicate floral prints, nah, I’m looking to nature for something a little more chill...


Inspired by coastal living, Spring 2021 is about effortless style, with gentle color palettes derived from sea-tossed treasures like frosted sea glass and driftwood.





Organic shapes, with curves that mimic worn pebbles, are irregular and mismatched for unexpected fun. Materials are subdued and unvarnished. 



Despite natural overtones, this isn’t a docile collection. The graphic approach carves a distinct pathway to bold, proving even ‘nature-inspired’ can have sass. 




The concept of ‘broken beauty’ emerged in my work in 2020 via the Sea Shards Collection*. The shattered glass pieces below also speak to fragility, and the delightful tension created by the seemingly-broken surface is sure to spark conversation. 




In fact, the first version of this design got immediate attention. During the holidays, one young customer told me, 


“These are the coolest earrings I’ve ever seen.” 


My heart melted, and she left me wondering, will I ever get a better compliment?




*Sea Shards are in full swing (and they are SO pretty!). We're currently only selling these pieces at shows/markets, but feel free to ask for inventory pics to nab the best of the bunch. 


As always, thanks for supporting a female-owned small business.


Stay Bold,

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