Let's critique my childhood design ability

Let's critique my childhood design ability


At age ten I discovered a DIY jewelry store, the kind with an endless menagerie of individually-sold beads.

After drooling and deliberating over each sparkling option, I settled on my first ever jewelry design—a multi-colored pair of dangle earrings.

The design makes me laugh. Each bead was chosen for its individual 'prettiness' and then forced into one design. I couldn't resist the rainbow of the opalescent faux pearl, the glittery facets of the black heart, the blinding hot pink AND the iridescent blue…

And while those beads weren't exactly born to be together at least the composition works. The spin-top shape feels balanced. And the variation of color and texture is...‘adventurous’. A decent effort for a ten-year-old.


Now it's time to pick up where I left off — back in 1990 — with the launch of my own jewelry brand: Bold Standard.


I hope you find that my jewelry design has maintained its unexpected boldness 25 years later but with a greater sense of restraint and cohesion.  ;)


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