About the Company

Tradition is not our thing.

We choose the sparkle of lucite over diamonds.

Big over dainty.

And with designs that echo the strong geometric forms of modern architecture and sculpture, Bold Standard’s mission is to defy jewelry convention and be the gold standard of bold.



Bold Standard is an independent, female-owned small business offering original designs handcrafted by Raleigh artist Kathleen Grebe from her studio in NC.

Armed with a 500lb laser cutter and 20 years of computer design, Kathleen transforms flat sheets of material into bold statement pieces. Her work is guided by her background in graphic design and boasts themes of empowerment and wit.

Bold Standard jewelry can be found at museums such as:

• North Carolina Museum of Art
• Baltimore Museum of Art
• San Diego Museum of Art
• SCAD Museum of Fashion + Film
• Contemporary Art Museum (NC)


Want to know more about our designer?

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