Custom Jewelry Design Process

Meaningful jewelry that resonates with museum visitors.


Is there a fee for custom designs?

It depends. Designs for non-exclusive items with broad appeal (like those tied to popular culture) are provided at no cost. I consider the required design time and potential for future sales. Takedowns of current designs save time and money. Ask for a custom quote!

What’s the turnaround?

It can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks to design a new piece or collection. Production time is roughly a week. Timing depends on current projects and time of year (i.e. holidays).

Special materials and printing may add time.


1. Background & Vision

Give me as much or as little direction as you like!
My advertising background allows me to take a creative brief and run with it.

Designer and Institution to discuss:

• Content /Theme/Exhibit

• Target Audience/Demographics

• Price Point – I can design for any price!

• Quantity / Iterations  (Sizes/Lengths, Style Types - Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace)

• Time frame/Important Dates

• Packaging (Branding/Informational)

• Copyright & Licensing


2. Research & Conceptualization

• Designer to research historical or thematic elements for inspiration and understanding.

• Client to provide existing materials/messaging/visuals.


3. Design Development

Designer to consider:

> Content: What’s the story and how do we tell it in a visually compelling way?

> Technique: Intricate cut? Engraved words? Graphics? Printed imagery?

> Design: Size/Scale, Color, Shape.

> Material: Acrylic (Translucent, Frosted, Iridescent, Pearlescent, Confetti, Glitter), Wood, Recycled, Fabric.

• Designer to email initial designs
(Sketches, computer drawings or prototypes)

• Client to provide feedback


4. Prototyping

• Designer to implement feedback and email images of final design to client.


5. Final Approval


6. Production


7. Delivery
• Designer to mail or deliver in-person.


Payment    I accept check and direct deposit.