Designing for Museum Stores (Why I Love It)

Me, my Barrel Wave Earrings and the art of Isamu Noguchi.

When I first ventured into jewelry design, I was beyond flattered when people said, "I can see this in the gift shop of an art museum!"

There was no better complement in my mind.

As card-carrying, flag-flying museum geek, I'm humbled to have my creations showcased in museum shops across the nation—including the North Carolina Museum of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Art, SCAD Museum of Fashion, and the Contemporary Art Museum.

Guided By Graphic Design

After 20+ years of designing and art directing, I've learned how to distill what's interesting and meaningful. And how to express that concept in a visually-compelling way.

That’s why I excel at custom work. All I need is a subject and a little background and I am ready to roll…

It’s a Compulsion

For me, design is a compulsion. At any given moment there are hundreds of things I want to try. Equipped with two tools—a computer and laser cutter—I see endless potential. Like the sirens in Greek mythology, I hear the allure of experimentation.. "Ah, but what if I try this..."

Focus, Dude.

Designing for museum stores gives me focus. I work best with a creative brief. And with a defined challenge, I thrive on the pressure that comes with finding the best solution. 

NCMA Case Study

I've forged strong relationships with museums like the North Carolina Museum of Art, collaborating on several exhibit-specific collections.

For the collection below, I created both modern and traditional keepsakes derived from Alphonse Mucha's own linework.


I also created non-jewelry items for the Mucha exhibit, like these wood and gold ornaments. 

Exhibit-Specific Jewelry

I cater to all topics—from Aviation to Anthropology. With products that resonate with customers on a personal and intellectual level, my jewelry can be worn on a daily basis and appeals to a large audience.

 Here are concepts that I've interpreted in unique ways...



Some of my best sellers resonate with customers who want to shatter gender barriers and celebrate influential women of history.


Break the Glass Ceiling Collection


Women of History: The First Names of Fearless Females

Handwriting Samples: Women of History


Inspired by renowned artists, these graphic-driven creations are inspired by the shapes, colors, and strokes of famous artworks.

The Joy

Ultimately, my success as a designer is measured by the happiness of my buyers and wearers. The most rewarding moment for me is seeing the smiles of those who discover and connect with my creations. I find the entire process fulfilling—designing new things, discovering new techniques, creating something that sells, and providing merchandise that becomes a cherished keepsake.


Elevate with the Unexpected

I make iconic products that captivate, resonate, and educate. By wearing my designs, individuals become ambassadors of knowledge, inviting others into the conversation.

If you're seeking to elevate your museum's merchandise with unexpected products, I possess the expertise and creativity to bring your concept to life. Together we can create designs that leave a lasting impression on museum-goers around the world.