Me, my Barrel Wave Earrings and the art of Isamu Noguchi.

When I first started designing jewelry, people said, “I can see this in the gift shop of an art museum.”

There was no better compliment in my mind. 


So when the Baltimore Museum of Art took an interest in my Barrel Wave Earrings, I was ecstatic to have my first product in a museum store.

Since then, I collaborated with BMA on my ‘Women of History’ Collection.

My ‘Break the Glass Ceiling’ Collection sold out several times at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

My minimalist jewelry found its way to the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC.

And much of my work is now sold at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta.


Custom Products

Want to elevate your museum merch with unexpected products? I'm your go-to designer for exhibit-specific products and branded merchandise. 

For the collection below, designed exclusively for the Alphonse Mucha exhibit at NCMA, I created both modern and traditional keepsakes derived from the artist's own linework.


Laser Cut Designs

I also created non-jewelry items for the Mucha exhibit, like these wood and gold ornaments. With my laser cutter I can customise a product in endless ways.


I've been a graphic designer since 2002. I've designed global retail campaigns for Adidas, the logo for Holland America cruise line, and everything in between. 

I was the design director at a Seattle ad agency where we served clients like the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Art Museum and the Museum of History and Industry.

After an artist residency at my alma mater—Savannah College of Art and Design—I launched my jewelry brand, Bold Standard. Now, as an independent designer, I work out my studio near Raleigh, NC.

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Art, Science, History?

No matter what your subject, I can create an iconic product that consumers will love.

The products below show how I can bring your concept to life with color, material, shape and meaning. 


How much do you charge for custom, exhibit-specific jewelry designs?

Nothing! Normally, I charge $100 an hour for my graphic design services, but for museum buyers, I’m happy to provide design ideas free of charge. Tell me about your project and I’ll show you what I can do. No-strings attached. I’m confident that you’ll love the results, so there’s no contract or minimum buy required to begin work.

I’m interested, how do I proceed?

Email me a little about institution and project. We can go from there!

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Can I carry something that you already make in my store?

Absolutely! The designs on are original, designed and handcrafted by me.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes. I offer competitive wholesale prices to all my retail partners.

What is your typical price point?

Suggested retail for a pair of earrings is typically between $25-$50. I also create luxury items, like the necklace below, at higher price points. I can work with whatever price point works for your store.

What else can you make with a laser cutter (non-jewelry products)?

Keychains, puzzles, trivets, cake toppers, lighting, light switch covers, doggie tags, coasters, paper weights, sculpture, wine charms, bookmarks, rulers, magnets, desk nameplates, ornaments, etc.

What kind of printed products can you design?

My graphic design skills can be applied to any printed item you like—bags, apparel, scarves, art prints, mugs, money clips, magnets, mouse pads, luggage tags, eyeglass cases, socks, notebooks, sticky notes, glass wear, koozies, iPhone cases, drink stirrers, towels, etc.

I have experience with different printing techniques. This helps me anticipate the end results and so the final product looks as good as possible.

Do you produce/deliver printed products, or just design them?

I can usually take on the responsibility of production and delivery (or not!). Let’s discuss further.

How long does it take to create custom designs?

Some projects involve research, experimentation and prototyping. That can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on the scope and timing.

Do you offer sustainable products?

Yes, I have a 100% recycled acrylic option and all the acrylic I use is made in the USA. I also use sustainable American hardwoods, sourced from a family-owned business. And in some cases I use scraps from a local furniture maker!

Do you provide packaging for your products?

Yes, I like to entice customers with exciting, informational packaging. I’m happy to create co-branded or exhibit-specific packaging upon your approval. Some institutions have their own system, so I can also ship without hangtags, earrings cards, etc.

Are you familiar with licensing?

I have a comprehensive grasp of usage rights. Anything I design for you will comply with U.S. copyright law—either by being an original creation or by using public domain imagery—or by obtaining the appropriate licensing. In the case of the Mucha Collection, each design was approved by the Mucha Foundation and I was given permission to use their logo on the packaging.

How do I contact you?

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