Two Offerings for Museum Buyers

Armed with a 500lb laser-cutter and 20 years of graphic design experience, I create jewelry that sparks conversation.

I offer two distinct offerings for museum buyers:

1. Wearable Art 

2. Exhibit-Specific Jewelry


1. Wearable Art

Echoing modern art and architecture, my wearable art uses an edgy aesthetic, high contrast, and oversized silhouettes to attract fashion-forward shoppers. These higher-end pieces explore drama within the abstract and boast carefully crafted lines and sleek finishes—a perfect fit for art museums.



2. Exhibit-Specific Jewelry

Words & Graphics
For this more literal approach, I harness the power of words and graphics to speak directly to a specific subject. I cater to all topics—from Aviation to Anthropology—resulting in customized jewelry that resonates with customers on a personal and intellectual level. These pieces are designed to be casual, everyday pieces that appeal to a large audience, resulting in higher-volume products.

Empowerment: A Recurring Theme

Some of my best sellers resonate with customers who want to shatter gender barriers and celebrate influential women of history.

Break the Glass Ceiling Collection


Women of History: The First Names of Fearless Females

Handwriting Samples: Women of History


Inspired by renowned artists, these graphic-driven creations are inspired by the shapes, colors, and strokes of famous artworks.

Elevate with the Unexpected

I make iconic products that captivate, resonate, and educate. By wearing my designs, individuals become ambassadors of knowledge, inviting others into the conversation.

If you're seeking to elevate your museum's merchandise with unexpected products, I possess the expertise and creativity to bring your concept to life. Together we can create designs that leave a lasting impression on museum-goers around the world.