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Alice in Wonderland 'Poison' Earrings

Alice in Wonderland 'Poison' Earrings

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150+ years after its publishing, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland* continues to delight readers, young and old, with its clever prose and imaginative antics.

This quote, while stating the obvious, still strikes the reader as profound, keeping the reader wondering, pondering—and chuckling.


"If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later." 


• Black and bright white laser cut acrylic

• Lightweight: each earring weigh 0.1 oz (the weight of a dime)!

• Height approx. 2.6"

 Handcrafted in North Carolina


From the designer.

"I'm always blown away by Carroll's originality. That's such a dull way of putting it, but this quote seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to play with something else I love—experimental typography. I enjoyed playing around with distortion of the typeface, the psychedelic look brought the mind-bending quality of the book into this jewelry design." 


 *Originally titled Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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