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'Barrel Wave' Earrings - Frosted Periwinkle

'Barrel Wave' Earrings - Frosted Periwinkle

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A periwinkle ribbon gracefully curls into a wave-like loop for sculptural statement earrings. With modern minimalism, these earrings elevate any outfit with sophistication and a dash of boldness.

• Frosted acrylic and stainless steel posts

• Length approx. 3"

• Each earring weighs only 0.4 oz

 Thermoformed by hand in North Carolina 


"One of our most popular styles, the Barrel Wave earrings will invariably get you compliments, I always feel good wearing them. The design is both simple and striking. The ultra-modern look comes in handy when you need a bit of edge.

These earrings are so lightweight that I forget I'm wearing them. They also come with wide 'flat pad' earring backs to give your earlobe support, making them more secure and comfortable." 

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