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Billie Holiday Handwriting Earrings - 'Stay Happy'

Billie Holiday Handwriting Earrings - 'Stay Happy'

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Billie Holiday embodied perseverance. The iconic jazz singer faced numerous hardships, including racial discrimination. Despite a tumultuous life, she was compelled to spread happiness and signed her autographs with the phrase ’Stay Happy’.

Engraved with Holiday’s actual handwriting, these earrings are a small piece of history. They make an ideal gift for jazz enthusiasts, music lovers, or anyone who is drawn to the positive sentiment.

Remarkably lightweight, they're just the right size to make a statement without overpowering your style. Their cheerful fluorescent color allows them to be worn casually or dressed up.


These earrings open by releasing the hinged metal hoop, just pull open and squeeze shut!

• Metal: 304 stainless steel

• 1/4" neon acrylic

• Each earring weighs only 0.2 ounces

• Handcrafted in NC

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