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'Glass Ceiling' Earrings - Hooks - 3 Lengths

'Glass Ceiling' Earrings - Hooks - 3 Lengths

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Break the rules. Break the cycle. 

Break the glass ceiling.

In the 1980s, Marilyn Loden, a management consultant, coined the term "glass ceiling" to describe the barrier preventing upward mobility in the workplace. The concept continues to be relevant.

These earrings create a curious tension that’s sure to spark conversation. A favorite among women in male-dominated fields, this collection is known to motivate and empower.

The fractured texture is carved into the backside with a laser cutter.

These earrings work with your pulled-back hair, allowing light to shine through, or stand out beautifully against dark hair and skin.

They're extremely lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them—until you get all those compliments. ;) 

• Glass-colored acrylic (not made of real glass).

• Lightweight: Even the largest size weighs less than 0.1 oz!

• 3 Lengths: Long, Mid-length, Short

• "Break the Glass Ceiling" packaging included—perfect for gifts!

• Available in additional styles  > See Entire Collection <

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