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'Glass Ceiling' Shattered Pebble Earrings

'Glass Ceiling' Shattered Pebble Earrings

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Designed to resemble shattered glass, these earrings are a striking but playful interpretation of fragility. The fractured surface appears cracked, creating a delightful tension that’s sure to spark conversation.

This seemingly dangerous design is mellowed with soft curves, a gentle color palette (wearable throughout the year!) and the ability to sparkle in the sun. These earrings are made of ultra lightweight material, offering superior comfort.


• Glass colored acrylic and wood

• Length approx. 2.75"

• Stainless steel earring posts

• Each earrings weighs only 0.1 oz

• Please note that wood grain will differ from pair to pair

• Handcrafted in North Carolina

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