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Trippy Moiré Oyster Earrings - Mini Size

Trippy Moiré Oyster Earrings - Mini Size

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The popular 'Trippy Moiré Oyster' earrings are now available in a smaller size. For those who weren't born with a giraffe neck 😉 or simply prefer a smaller scale, this option offers the same cool design in a more accessible size.

Express your bold, unapologetic style with these mind-bending earrings. The illusion of undulating waves is created by laser-engraving the surface with black lines. 

These unexpected earrings embody high fashion and have become an all-time favorite—the ultimate accessory for those who dare to be different.

• One earring weighs 0.2 oz

• 1/8" thick acrylic

• Length/Height: 2.3"

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